This year Spring Equinox, falls on a very powerful numeric day: The Great Unity that is a Trinity. A symbol of complete vision, and true perception, using all 3 eyes:

The Right Eye- is symbolically the Eye of the Sun, it is the eye that sees the material world of form, the visible- it is “symbolically speaking”: Masculine.

The Left Eye- is symbolically the Eye of the Moon- it is the eye that sees the invisible and symbolic spiritual essence behind the form, it is, “symbolically speaking”: Feminine.

Above the two, The Third Eye, The Eye of God, The Pineal Gland, The Djed Eye, The Christ
This eye becomes awakened when the Eye of the Sun, (Material World) is in Harmony, Balance and Marriage with the Eye of the Moon, (Spiritual World) within us.

The Universe, God, Source, The One is asking us at this time to learn:
1. That the world is terribly out of balance and that we need to open the Eye of the Moon, Spiritual Feminine Energy to match the eye of the Sun, and create balance, and see the Spiritual Essence behind all Material phenomena and embodiments. This is why we are getting a huge lesson on how powerful the Invisible can be. We are learning that it is the Invisible that creates the Visible.
2. Once we see all things, and make all decisions with both Eyes Opened, The Material and Spiritual Together, then the Christ child can be born on Earth within us and within all of our structures that are out of balance. When we see with both eyes, the material and spiritual at the same time, and make decisions not just based upon the material gain, but on the spiritual ramifications as well, we can see clearly the correct course of action. Once there is balance in this way, we give birth to Christ energy and claim our birthright as Spiritual Sons and Daughters of the One Source.
3. That the Unity is a Trinity, and when the Material World is equally married to the Spiritual World the love child between the two is The Holy Spirit, the Christ Energy on Earth. That we are One, we have all come from the same God Source literally, and that we need to honor and care for others as ourselves because they are us, and we are them. We are most powerful when we are collectively a Great Unity.

One we achieve this awareness in ourselves and recognize our Spiritual Natures as children of the One, we can see God everywhere and in everyone and every natural creature on this beautiful Earth. And we see the foolishness of forces that try to divide us, lie to us, separate us. We can see clearly that this is literally Anti Christ Energy and it is the energy of the current leadership in our country. We see the foolishness of destroying the Earth in favor of monetary gain. We see the ugliness of those who would keep others in chains for their own glory.

This is ancient knowledge, of the Christ within has been purposefully hidden, warped and obscured by governments and religions that seek to gain power and control for themselves, to have power over the masses leaving people in darkness, confusion and bondage. The suppression of Truth has created all of the evil, ignorant and unbalanced structures in the world. I believe it is time now for these structures to fall. It is time, now, brothers and sisters to set things aright, to create balance. To truly see that we are all One, and that we cannot hurt others without hurting ourselves. The best and most harmonious systems are the ones that treat and feed the whole organism, we can’t cut off our leg in favor of our head and expect to be a stable and powerful force- this is our downfall.

My prayer to everyone who reads this today is that we are indeed in a moment of Awakening and Crystal Clarity as to what is really happening on this Earth. My prayer is that this is our time to Rise. My prayer is that we are taking this time to give birth to the Christ within, and letting go of all that doesn’t serve us any longer. And I pray that we live in love and that we hold Truth, Justice, and Equality as the highest of virtues. If we do this now- and begin now, on this auspicious day of rebirth- at the Great Equinox of then all of this hardship we are currently experiencing will not be in vain- because we will be fulfilling the purpose of our embodiment on Earth and we will have found the True Treasure that we have all come here to discover. The world will change when we change and there has never been a better time nor a better place than right here and right now.

In Love in Truth and in Unity,
Great Shen
Daughter of The Nile

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