Giving Birth to a New Age is a Women’s Wisdom

Collectively, all around the world, we are pausing to give birth to the new Aquarian Age. The Age of Aquarius represents the ideal of a just and enlightened society, it is a time in which strong social awareness, and a humanitarian vision bring about revolution and change for the good of the whole. You dear reader, are here on Earth at this moment to help bring this about for the health of the Earth and for the prosperity of our descendants. Because you a citizen of this world at this time your action and activity is required, in order to help achieve these Universal ends for the future of the Earth and the future of our descendants. During this time of collective and worldwide pause, we are in the process of giving birth to this new societal structure at this very moment.

Giving birth is a women’s wisdom, and as any mother knows, making room for a new life in the body is an initially uncomfortable but ultimately worthwhile and profoundly beautiful experience. Our bodies’ structure changes, our energy changes, and we quickly learn that we can no longer put ourselves first anymore. For every action taken, the new life growing inside must be considered, because the two are one: mother and child. As a society, we are now doing the same. We are making room to care for “the other” within us: and as an extension of us in the body of our community, our country, our Earth like a set of Matryoshka dolls.

Bringing forth a new life takes a tremendous amount of time and energy; women innately know and understand this well. With the coming of motherhood, we say goodbye to old structures of our selves that don’t serve the needs of the new life. Mentally, we transform the self-serving part of ourselves into a more benevolent and self-sacrificing one, and this teaches us that it is in giving that we receive spiritual blessings and a bond of love. Physically, we need to slow down and rest, the energy required to bring forth new life is all encompassing and exhausting. The process of giving birth, is a painfully messy and viscerally real affair: full of blood, sweat, tears and not without complication. However, all of that is soon forgotten as the beautiful miracle of the new life that has come into the world far outweighs, all of the pain, discomfort and sacrifice it took to bring forth. As mother’s, we learn that through giving love to another, life is more full and beautiful. Furthermore- as love is invisible and intangible, it shows us that the greatest things in life are not material, but invisible energetic exchanges. This is women’s wisdom, it is Mother’ Earth’s wisdom, and it is our appointed task in this lifetime to ensure that we are choosing a new system and structure that is healthy for the Earth and healthy for our children and our descendants, just as Mother Earth wisely cares for all of her creatures as equals and in so doing, creates balance and prosperity.

As the giant and ever-revolving wheel in the sky moves forward into the Age of Aquarius, it also has us currently working through deep changes in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a father sign. It’s experiential themes teach of societal structures, achievement, hard work and material success. These are good and needed qualities, but they have become out of balance over time, which is why Pluto has come to bring death and rebirth to this area at this time. In all of our work towards creating prosperity, we have forgotten our feminine side, and that there is a spiritual element to every materialistic consideration. Because we have forgotten this collectively, and therefore to maintain balance, Spirit has formed events around us so that we can specifically see that we are all connected as One, and every thing we do individually affects the health of the whole. This is not a coincidence, it is a much needed lesson so that we know how to make wise decisions moving forward, for the health of our society and the health of our Earth.

Additionally- the sky now shows us the way forward: it points to the opposite side of the Zodiac- with the North Node currently pointing to the solution in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac, the caretaker, the nurturer, the birth giver. Cancer is the sign of the home, rest, sanctuary, family, and love and ancestors. It is through the energies of the home that we learn to love and care for one another as a family. We are also being asked at this time to care for, value and share this world together as a large and extended family with all life on planet Earth. In taking this greater step we are moving deeper into wisdom as a people and a society. In taking this greater step, we are moving into a more enlightened age, one that values equality, opportunity and prosperity for all people and living beings. With this 2020 vision we are dreaming into life a more balanced world, one that celebrates divine masculine in mutual union with divine feminine energies as co-creators of our world. With a new vision of balance and harmony we are giving birth to a bright future for the Earth and for our future descendants. Our ancestors have given us every skill we need within our DNA to be resilient, and deal with sweeping change. We have all of the information and tools we need to create this new vision, and there is no better time than right now to bring forth this new age as we celebrate the rebirth of our Earth at Springtime. Namaste.

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