Our Greatest Glory

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."   Confucious


"Where there is love, there is life." - Mahatma Gandhi

Every Particle is a Mirror

"Every particle of the world is a mirror.  In each atom blazes forth the light of a thousand suns.  Open the heart of a raindrop and you will find a hundred oceans.  In a grain of sand lies the seed of a thousand beings. - Mahmud Shabistari

Behemoth Beauty

"Your giant presence emanates power, abundance and wisdom.  When your spirit roams the land harmony reigns. You freely give of yourself knowing all things are interconnected.  You teach that true abundance is a thankful spirit and a generous heart.  True power is in...

Priest of the Wood, Deer

"Priest of the Wood, take time to wander, take time to seek, take time to be quiet so I can hear God speak." -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Morning Mist

Winter's Morning Mists "Our minds arise with the dawn each day like the blanket of morning mist.  In this mysterious twilight between waking and sleeping, between inner and outer worlds- an evaporation, a dissipation, a changing of form - taking with it the vague...

The Light of the Body is in the Eye

"The light of the body is in the eye.  If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light". Matthew 6:22 King James Bible, Jesus- Sermon on the Mount  

God is an infinite sphere

"God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference, nowhere".  -Hermes Trismegistus

Black-Capped Chickadee

"You teach the power of mind over matter, even in the smallest of birds. Your bold and brave curiosity leads to successful adaptation, giving you the ability to sing year round with a  happy heart and cheerful disposition no matter what conditions life sends your...

Peacock, He who sees

"Who sees all beings in his own self and his own self in all beings loses all fear."  -Upanishads

Arctic Blast

"Thank you for the severe reminder of the deadly force of coldness, rigidity and isolation unchecked. A remedy is found with the firing of the hearth and the warming of the heart.  An invitation to commune in fires of friendship and goodwill with our fellow companions...

Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo

"Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo asks us to focus on how we shine our unique light in the world"  -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Star Seed

"Deep within you lives a magic radiance, a star seed that is One with the Universe.  Your task as it's keeper is to grow it to it's full expression."  -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Great Blue Heron

"Solitary Polymath Through versatility and self-reliance, you invite all opportunities. Through vigilance and stillness, you display kingly grace. When your spirit takes flight, you soar majestically over the landscape. Thank you for teaching me the beautiful freedom...


"Out of the crisp thin air, a spontaneous creation of complex symmetry.  These multifaceted prisms of light reveal a language of frozen thoughts, and elusive hieroglyphic script trapped ephemerally in crystalline form.  Surely these are the thoughts of Divinity...

The Earth is in the Business of Growing Souls

"The Earth is in the business of growing souls- anything can be approached through love, or through fear - it's as simple as that.  Love always conquers fear, but we need fear to exist so we can learn and grow."  -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Cosmos Mariner

"I am a cosmos mariner, in a cosmic sea ever-changing and evolving into Unity. These phantom forms that navigate through spheric sea of Soul are the one and same light beaming forth from the Whole." -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis    

On Building Firest

"When building a fire, careful consideration of proper ingredients and conditions are required to maintain an enduring flame.   A space must be cleared and a structure built: preferably of hardwood that has known a few seasons.  Wood pointed towards the heavens...

Tree Like Me

"As I grow down, I grow up.  As I root, I extend.  Only by reaching the greatest depths, can I reach the greatest heights.  Tap into source, ground yourself, and reach for the stars" -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Woodpecker – Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks "Woodpecker, thank you for demonstrating that with passion and persistence I can create new doorways of opportunity." -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

Know Him to be the supreme Magician

"Know him to be the Supreme Magician, who has become boy and girl, bird and beast.  He is the bestower of all blessings, and his grace fills the heart with peace profound".  -The Upanishads


"The Crow embodies wisdom, magic, and intuition.  Black as night these powerful spirit messengers guide our way through the dark places on the path of transformation."  -Gretchen Kirsten McNelis

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